10 Fun and Stylish Ways to Style Socks for Work

10 Fun and Stylish Ways to Style Socks for Work

What’s not to love about socks? They keep your feet warm, can be stylish, and are the perfect gift for friends and family (especially around the holidays!). With so many great sock subscription boxes available, it’s hard to stick with just one pair from month to month; here are 10 fun ways to style socks with any outfit.

Statement socks are the perfect finishing touch

Statement socks are a great way to style your outfit without taking away from your shirt, pants or skirt. Statement socks are also a fun way to add a splash of color! They can work with any color of shoe and they will instantly spruce up even your most basic outfits. Brightly colored pairs also make a great pop of color if you wear conservative colors like black or navy all day long. Make sure you have colorful socks in every shade - but remember that less is more. Only wear one pair at a time (yes, even if they go well together) so that they stand out against any other part of your ensemble!

Wear them under your pants

I know, I know—it’s uncomfortable. But did you know that wearing socks under your pants (no matter how cold it is outside) can actually help prevent injury? It sounds counterintuitive, but it works because socks add extra cushioning and support when walking or running—when you’re on your feet all day. Consider investing in a good pair of knee-highs instead of tights; they come in many styles these days (including patterned versions), so no one will even notice!

Use your sock collection as an accessory

Wearing a few colourful pairs of socks with a smart-casual ensemble is easy to do, but it can really brighten up your day. Pick some socks that go well with your shoes and then try pairing them with different things in your wardrobe: an open shirt under a blazer, dark jeans, even a casual button-down shirt. To add interest to an outfit that might otherwise be boring or too plain, give it some colour by pairing colours together. In other words, don’t wear red socks with brown shoes—be creative! And remember: any colour can go well together; it’s all about trying out new combinations. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy wearing coloured socks on most days of your week!

Wear them with slip-on shoes

Put on a pair of comfortable, slip-on shoes like loafers or brogues, add a colorful pair of socks, and you’re good to go. No doubt about it—socks with slip-on shoes make a subtle statement that says I’m comfortable in my own skin. We love it! Of course, there are many other ways to wear your socks with slip-on shoes; just check out our favorite style bloggers for some inspiration.

Coordinate your colors

Coordinating your colors is a simple way to add a creative flair to your outfit. The easiest way to pull off color coordination is by matching different shades of one color, such as blue or purple. If you like pastels, try throwing in some black or grey for extra style points. You can also coordinate warm and cool tones by combining oranges with browns, greens with purples, yellows with blues or reds with neutrals. Once you’ve mastered coordinating colors within one hue, you can experiment using more bold hues such as greens, pinks and yellows (just be sure they are close enough in shade that they look cohesive).

Have fun!

When it comes to wearing socks, fun is always in season. Whether you wear a pair of colorful ankle socks with your favorite casual weekend outfit or pull on a sock pair that matches your blazer, you’ll always have an opportunity to have fun with your look. The only thing you have to worry about when you wear socks is what color goes best with which shoes! Let’s get into it—here are 10 ways we recommend pairing socks for work