10 Fancy Sock Subscription Services You Didn't Know Existed

10 Fancy sock subscription Services You Didn't Know Existed

Avoid the hassle of buying socks at the store with these 10 sock subscription services that are sure to keep your feet stylishly covered no matter what season it is. From thick, warm winter socks to silky ankle socks, there’s a subscription service that will keep your feet comfortable year-round. Here are ten sock subscription services you didn't know existed. Click the individual links to learn more and read reviews from people who have tried them out themselves!

1) Otzi

Otzi is a subscription service that sends you a package of five cool socks every three months. The socks are either eco-friendly, or made out of unique materials like bamboo, merino wool, or silk. Plus, their customer service team is full of fun and knowledgeable people who can answer any questions you have about the company and their products. Otzi has partnered with Trees for the Future so that they can plant a tree each time they send out a package of socks to an Otzi subscriber! Talk about being sustainable!

2) Sock It To Me

3) Just My Socks

4) Smarter Threads

5) Bombas

6) Darn Good Yarn

7) Lumky

8) Rare Footwear

9) Fuxie Fashion

10) Hoppy Feet Club