10 Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

10 Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

Taking care of your socks doesn’t just mean washing them and putting them in your dresser. It also means taking care of their appearance. One great way to do this is to fold your socks creatively so they look nice and orderly in your sock drawer or shoe closet. While you don’t need to fold your socks to keep them clean, doing so makes them look nicer, particularly if you like keeping up with trends like sock of the month subscriptions, in which you receive a new pair of socks each month for as long as you wish to continue the subscription.

5 Easy Methods for Folding your Socks

No matter how precise you are, a little bit of chaos is bound to appear in your sock drawer eventually. If you’re looking for ways to keep things neat and organized, there are several ways that you can fold your socks. Here are 5 easy methods for folding your socks: 1) Single Roll: This is one of my favorite methods because it’s so easy and folds perfectly every time. To start, lay out your sock with its cuff at 12 o’clock. Then roll it forward until it meets at 6 o’clock.

1) Traditional Fold

This method is ideal for everyday wear, so you can keep your socks looking fresh and new. Simply fold them lengthwise into halves, thirds, or quarters. A quarter fold is great if you’re wearing dress shoes because it prevents your pants from getting a run in them. Another option is to roll your socks, which is great for keeping them on when using exercise equipment (such as elliptical machines). Just roll up your socks and place them inside your shoe along with their matching pair; that way they don’t get lost. Rolled socks also prevent any friction between your feet and shoes during physical activity, making it more comfortable for all-day wear.

2) Accordion Fold

It’s like a miniature version of origami, but it actually functions. Accordion folding your socks is an excellent way to save space in drawers, travel with them, and keep them separated. Of course, you need three or more pairs of socks in order for it to look its best; otherwise, they just fold into a jumbled mess. Try it next time you head off on vacation—your suitcase will thank you!

3) Roll Up Method

Grab a pair of socks. Put one sock on your hand and place it inside-out. Roll that sock from one end until it's in its normal shape. Grab your second sock, put it inside-out, and place it on top of your rolled up sock. Roll it up as well until you have a tube of two folded socks on your hand. That's how you roll up! There's no real art behind rolling socks if that makes sense—just roll them around each other just like how you would roll one into a ball.

4) Over-Under Method

Over-under is a great way to roll socks neatly and compactly. Simply bunch up your socks as you’d normally do, then fold them in half so that each sock ends up on top of one another. Make sure that you give yourself enough room between rolls so that your feet don’t get smushed! To make sure your socks are aligned when you go to dress, grab two of your identical socks at once (i.e., two lefts or two rights) and make sure they look like mirror images of each other. Then, stack them over-under before rolling them together with your other pairs. This method uses plenty of space and keeps everything tidy.

5) Triangle Fold

This is a great way to fold socks, if you're looking for a fast method that takes up little space. First, put one sock on your hand and start rolling it up like a burrito with your fingers. Next, take another sock of similar size and repeat so that you have two rolls of socks in place. Finally, place them side by side and wrap one over top of each other (like an X). You should now have two Xs stacked on top of each other—your socks are ready to be stored!