10 Cool Socks Subscription Services You Didn't Know Existed

10 cool socks Subscription Services You Didn't Know Existed

Socks, socks, socks! We wear them every day and it’s easy to overlook the potential coolness of some of the socks that you can get from subscription services like sock of the month or SockAddicts. Here are 10 cool socks Subscription Services You Didn't Know Existed so you can get your sock on in style!

1) A List of Fun & Interesting Subscriptions

A List of cool socks to make your boring dress shoes interesting. So, let's take a look at these 10 sock subscription services that you didn't know existed!

2) Dapper Club

Dapper Club is a sock subscription service that will send you a pair of socks every month. The subscription costs $24 per month and there are no plans to increase pricing anytime soon. That's right: you can get a new pair of socks every single month for only $24! Not only do you get monthly socks, but Dapper Club also throws in some fun extras in their boxes as well. One thing I love about Dapper Club is how interactive they are with their customers through social media. They've made some pretty cool videos and there's always someone around to answer any questions you may have about your order or what's coming up next from them.

3) Funky Sock Club

Funky Sock Club wants to send you 5 pairs of socks each month, with no subscription required and no commitment. A one-time purchase sends a new pack of fun colorful socks right to your door. Prices range from $9-$14 per month depending on which package you choose, and Funky Sock Club also offers gift packs if you want to give out some cool socks in December or as a birthday present.

4) Soaked in Luxury

Why so many high-end sock brands have started a sock subscription service is anyone's guess. But considering how popular these subscriptions are, it's hard to say why more companies don't take advantage of them. For between $25 and $40, a monthly box of six pairs of socks will be delivered to your door. Sure, there are some funky designs out there—but for business casual offices that allow for fun socks, getting cool new ones every month is just too hard to pass up! Plus you'll always have fresh new socks on hand when those other work pairs start to look worn or dirty. Don't believe us? These 10 cool socks subscription services make it easy to see why they're so much fun (and convenient!)

5) Trunk Club

Trunk Club is a men’s clothing subscription service that sends you three pieces every month based on your style profile. A stylist will choose items they think you’ll like and send them to your doorstep. We’ve reviewed Trunk Club before, so I won’t repeat myself too much—just know that our experience was positive, and other users seem to love it as well. And since its founder left to start a competitor, there are plenty of samples out there for what it’s like to get clothes from Trunk Club (and help you decide if it's worth joining). It costs $25 per month for shipping, or $50 per month with styling included.

6) KnitPicks

KnitPicks has been providing knitters and crocheters with high-quality yarn for more than 15 years. With a selection of nearly 300 yarns (which includes both their own yarn and exclusive products), there’s something to please any style or budget. Each month, you’ll receive five different pairs of socks (four pairs are included in the $24.99 per month plan), though members can also opt for plans that include other accessories like shawls, hats, and fingerless gloves. KnitPicks also offers one-on-one customer service to help you along your sock knitting journey if you have questions as you create your new projects!

7) Refresh Things

If you’re feeling a little stale at work, consider signing up for one of these sock-of-the-month clubs. Gift boxes are all well and good, but sometimes there's nothing quite like receiving a box full of new socks in your mail. And because it is 2018, everything (even socks) is available online. Go forth and enjoy some new hosiery!

8) Happy Plugs

Happy Plugs is a premium sock subscription service that sends customers two pairs of high-quality socks every month. With free shipping both ways, Happy Plugs is one of our favorite sock subscription services. Happy Plugs also has unique designs that set it apart from other sock subscription services. If you want to find out what a sock of the month service is all about, Happy Plugs is a great option!

9) Glints

Glints is a monthly sock subscription service that includes four pairs of socks in your first shipment, which costs $9.95 plus shipping. They offer men's and women's socks for various occasions such as slippers, athletic shoes and business footwear; you can select each sock individually or opt for one style for every pair of socks. The collection changes every month and members receive an email notification when their new socks are ready to be shipped out; most subscriptions are shipped in time for Christmas delivery. Options range from solid colors to patterns and fun designs, including animal prints. Members can return their unused or unworn socks if they don't like them within 30 days.

10) Sock Crate

This is a great service for those who love to wear socks. Every month, you'll receive a pair of socks designed by independent artists. There are many different styles, but one thing's for sure: They'real e o.>