10 Best Sock Subscriptions to Spice Up Your Style

The winter months can be long and cold, and there’s nothing better than cozy socks to keep you warm as you walk to work or sit in front of the fireplace. With so many sock subscription boxes out there, how do you find the best one? Follow this guide and find the best sock subscription box that will spice up your style!

5 Awesome Reasons To Subscribe to a sock subscription

#1. They're Affordable The average price for a sock subscription is around $25 per month and you get 3-6 pairs of socks depending on the plan you choose. Plus, some brands offer discounts when you subscribe.

#2. Variety is Key There are so many different styles and colors that you can't go wrong with a sock subscription. Whether you're looking for everyday socks or something more dressy, there's something out there for everyone! #3. Support Local Designers Many of the popular sock subscriptions offer local designers which means that your purchase goes towards supporting small businesses in your area! #4 #5 #6...

6) Look What You'll Get in Some Good Boxes (All prices listed as subscriptions)

Some subscriptions come with a scarf and other items that you can use in your wardrobe.

There are many different types of socks that you'll get in these subscriptions. You'll get patterns, colors, styles, and more!

Some will send you one pair of socks every month while others will send you two pairs of socks every month.

The price ranges from $5-$20 a month for these boxes but the value is definitely worth it considering the type of socks that you'll receive.

7) Awesome Gift Ideas for Men Who Have it All

9) Questions I get asked about subscription boxes

8) A Few Other Options

10) My Top 3 Favorite Subscriptions