10 Best Sock Subscription Boxes

10 Best Sock Subscription Boxes

What kind of socks do you wear? If you’re anything like me, it depends on what I’m doing and where I’m going—and it may even depend on the weather! For my active days at the gym, I wear workout socks. On colder days, I prefer long wool socks that keep my feet warm. And when I really want to feel confident in my outfit, I choose fun or patterned socks that match whatever else I’m wearing that day. These are just a few examples of why having multiple pairs of great-quality socks can be so important.

2) Not Happy with Your Current Socks? Change it Up!

The Philosockphy behind sock subscriptions is that your life will be just a little better if you wear awesome socks every day. And what’s more amazing than getting a box in your mailbox each month with a brand new pair of socks? We’ve rounded up 10 top sock subscription boxes, based on price, brands, colors and styles to suit any guy. Check out our list below to find which are right for you!

3) The Patented Customized Fit Option

4) Not Just For Ladies

5) Choose Between Funky Designs & Classic Colors

6) Save on Shipping Costs with Automatic Delivery

7) Who doesn’t love socks??

8) Surprise your loved ones with socks gifts!

9) Free returns, just in case you don’t like them.

10) Mostly Positive Customer Reviews