10 Awesome Sock Subscription Ideas

10 Awesome Sock Subscription Ideas

An awesome sock subscription idea that your giftee will actually enjoy? Yes, please! With so many subscription services out there, it can be tough to find something that isn’t super boring, but you can rest assured that these 10+ awesome sock subscription ideas will definitely liven up anyone’s day – and pair of feet! From athletic socks to funny socks to geeky socks, there’s something here for everyone! Check them out and you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift this holiday season!

1) For the Health-Conscious

Have a specific goal in mind? Want to feel like you’re getting more bang for your buck (so to speak)? Opt for a subscription that offers two or three pairs of socks instead of just one. With these higher-tier subscriptions, you get more unique, fun designs to choose from—and it’s likely there will be patterns and prints that aren’t included in lower-tiered subscriptions.

2) For the Trendy and Stylish

For men and women alike, socks make a great gift. And there’s no better time to do it than on or around Christmas Day, when everyone receives a new pair of slippers. But why stop there? With some effort and planning ahead, you can make sock-gifting a year-round tradition for friends and family members that lasts for as long as your socks hold up (which is usually about six months for most people). If you have any fashionistas in your life—or even if you just want to treat yourself—this list of ten fun subscription services will help you find an excellent way to give one of mankind’s most underrated clothing items more respect than they’ve ever had before.

3) For Family Fun

Pick up a subscription for each member of your family. You’ll have an easy gift for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. And if you want to treat yourself? There are certainly worse things you could buy for yourself than a few pairs of fun socks every month. With options for men, women, kids, and even pets (yes, pets!), there is truly something for everyone on your list—and at price points that run from as little as $5 a month to over $100 per month!

4) For Couch Potatoes

If you’re looking for a way to get your feet moving, but can’t bring yourself to actually leave your couch or get into those shapeless workout clothes, keep some socks nearby. You can work out from your living room and not even know it; all you need is a remote and some music. 1. Walking barefoot around your home — It’s better for you than walking around in shoes, because when you walk barefoot on an uneven surface, it strengthens small muscles in your feet that otherwise may never be used. Barefoot walking doesn’t have to be boring—try singing or listening to music while doing it. 2.

5) To Support a Cause

There are a number of charitable organizations that sell sock subscriptions for fundraising purposes. These groups are able to spread awareness about their cause by having people sign up and donate money to purchase socks every month, as well as placing orders for socks from specific sock companies. That way, you not only get new socks in the mail on a regular basis, but you’re also donating to a good cause. Here are 10 awesome sock subscription ideas that all support a great cause.

6) For Men with Dress Shoes

You work in a professional environment, so you wear dress shoes every day. But we bet you don’t have fun socks to match your wardrobe—which makes it difficult to change things up when you want to feel like wearing something different. An awesome sock subscription delivers new pair of colorful socks right to your door. It gives you more options for play and staying fresh at work—but that’s not all. It also reduces time spent shopping and eliminates impulse purchases (you'll always have a great pair of socks on hand). The best part is that starting an awesome sock subscription is a whole lot easier than revamping your entire wardrobe: just pick out a few pairs of fun, trendy socks and get started!

7) For Kids (Who Already Love Socks!)

Kids are rarely too young to learn about subscriptions. If your kids love socks, consider signing them up for a sock of month club. They’ll get new socks every month, and you can feel good knowing they’re being exposed to brands they might not otherwise have had access to. Check out these kid-friendly options

8) For Women Who love French Tipped Nails

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9) For People with Foot Odor Issues

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