10 Awesome Sock Subscription Ideas

10 Awesome Sock Subscription Ideas

How many times have you been in the market for new socks, but can’t find any that you really like? Sock subscription services are one of the best ways to solve this problem, not only because they provide you with stylish and comfortable socks regularly, but also because they give you great gift ideas for people on your list who may be difficult to shop for. The following 10 sock subscription companies are just some of the ones we’ve found, along with their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about which is right for you!

1) Philosockphy

If you’re thinking about starting a sock subscription company but don’t know where to start, try something like Philosockphy. Philosockphy is a sock subscription service that comes in various sizes and allows you to customize your package. The customer can choose between two different designs, two sizes of socks, and whether or not they want their socks customized with a saying of their choice. This is also customizable if you are looking for specific socks in your package. If you have an idea for a business and need help taking it from concept to reality, then contact us! We can assist you with launching your business idea! Contact Us

2) Homemade by Hannah

Homemade by Hannah is a monthly sock subscription service created by Hannah Payne and Heather Davidson. We’re a new sock-of-the-month club that features different fiber content and colors in each month’s pair. Our unique colors, rich fabrics, and tactile textures make us pretty special! Homemade socks are made right here in Northern California using super soft yarns such as Merino Wool, Alpaca Silk, Cashmere, Cotton & Bamboo. They're custom dyed in our studio to bring you a variety of colors - from bright to deep hues - at least 3 pairs of colors each month plus patterns or prints. We aim to make each pair of Homemade socks feel like it's your own personal treasure.

3) Obsessive Compulsive Clothing Disorder (OCCD)

Looking for socks for Christmas? Have you tried Philosocksphy? While many sock of the month subscriptions send their members socks at random, Philosocksphy curates a monthly subscription based on a theme - keeping your feet looking dapper with socks to match every occasion. One of their themes is Obsessive Compulsive Clothing Disorder and they promise that each sock will fit seamlessly into an outfit to keep everything looking organized. Another great thing about Philosocksphy is that they take care of all of your gifting needs so you don’t have to worry about getting something extra when buying gifts for friends or family members. Each box comes with a note card so you can gift them directly as well! Treat yourself or someone special to some new fun socks today!

4) Stance Socks

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated than your average sock subscription, Stance Socks is where it’s at. The concept is simple: Buy a subscription, get socks monthly. From unique patterns to innovative fabrics (think merino wool), there are plenty of options to choose from and deliver straight to your door—and now, there’s even women’s socks available.

5) Happy socks

Happy socks are designed with fun and happiness in mind, which can come in handy if you’re having a bad day. These socks come in a variety of colors and styles so you’ll never be bored with your happy socks on. I love these particular ones that have inspirational sayings on them! Depending on your style, they even offer formal pairs too. This is an especially great gift for someone who wears a lot of dress clothes! Check out Happy Socks for yourself here.

6) Bombas

Founded by a husband and wife team, Bombas focuses on making socks that are both awesome and work well. Every pair of Bombas socks is made with combed cotton, which means they’re softer than your average sock, and every pair also comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Their socks are super stylish and won’t break your bank account either. They offer low-cost shipping at $4 for two pairs or less and free shipping for three or more pairs per month. Try Bombas! With new designs being released each month, you never know what you’ll get in your package...and that makes it all that much more exciting.

7) Lizzie James

Since it seems like a lot of people on /r/knitting are into socks, I thought I'd mention Lizzie James here. They have lots of sock subscription ideas. I just got one for my birthday and really liked it! They have a great website if you'd like to check them out. Plus they're having a sale - 10% off all subscriptions with code CUTEMAY through May 12th! You can sign up for their monthly sock subscription or choose from several other options that let you pick your own dates for when your socks ship, etc. It's a great service and well worth checking out!

8) Stance socks again

A true connoisseur of socks knows how to wear them. Stance socks are a great example of unique design and quality material. These socks come in two sizes, but they're all wide, which means they'll stay up on your calf without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. If you want to try something new and exciting, these sock subscription boxes are for you! They include four pairs for $40, which makes each pair about $10. Some other brands have sock subscriptions, but there's nothing quite like Stance's variety of colors and patterns; some even go with certain outfits! Many people buy their own subscription as a gift for their loved ones so they can enjoy getting new socks every month. What better way is there to show someone that you care?

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