10 Awesome Sock Subscription Ideas

10 Awesome Sock Subscription Ideas

What’s your favorite color of socks? Do you like them plain or have fun patterns? Are you the type to only wear dress socks, or do you prefer athletic ones instead? Regardless of your answers, there’s no denying that socks are an important part of any wardrobe, and if you’re anything like me, you go through quite a few pairs each year. To help you add even more socks to your wardrobe (and save money in the process), here are 10 awesome sock subscription ideas you can use as stocking stuffers or gifts throughout the rest of the year.

1) When you have your first serious crush

What do you give your first serious crush? It can be hard to think of what to get them. These 10 ideas will show you how to impress with a cool sock subscription or sock of the month that won’t break your bank.

2) The office

Sure, socks can make for a fun (and affordable) gift, but if you really want to stand out from other t-shirt gifters, consider gifting an awesome sock subscription. These subscriptions are offered by a number of different companies, and generally feature cool socks monthly based on a specific theme or criteria. The best part is they’re always shipped directly to your recipient’s door—no wrapping required! Here are 10 great sock subscription ideas that we think any office would love

3) Long flights

Spending hours in uncomfortable shoes is never fun, but wearing cool socks can help ease your aching feet. Long flights are no exception; investing in a good pair of comfortable socks or compression socks can help you get through it. One company even offers fresh socks of the month to make your feet happy! Every month, subscribers receive one pair of top-quality designed socks from a different designer and receives discounts on future purchases from that particular brand's online store. If you're tired of wearing bad-smelling cotton socks on long flights, check out these awesome sock subscription ideas!

4) When you really need a gift

A typical sock subscription like SOXBOX offers up to five pairs of socks per month, and you can always get a gift set that comes with a variety of socks. If you really need a cool sock, but are having trouble finding one you like, try picking out a few on eBay or Etsy to get your ball rolling. There are also tons of unique sock subscription ideas on Kickstarter, so if you have a spare $200 lying around go check some out! I’m sure it will be worth it in the end :)

5) Dressing well

Believe it or not, dressing well can really boost your confidence. Making sure that you look good will make you feel good and as a result, help you interact with others better. Keep in mind that if you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit (whatever it is), other people won’t be comfortable around you either—and trust me, nobody wants to feel uncomfortable. So make sure that you find outfits that suit your lifestyle and create a sense of confidence. If there’s an outfit out there for you, subscribe to one of these 10 awesome sock subscription ideas for men

6) Stocking stuffers

You’ve probably seen subscription boxes for coffee, candles, or magazines. One of our favorites is a sock of the month club (yes, socks are a thing) that comes with a new pair of crazy-looking socks every month. For $25 per month (paid annually), you get five pairs of wild and colorful socks from independent designers around North America. And yes, they’re just socks—but come on: Who doesn’t want some new awesome socks?

7) On days when you can’t decide on socks (or shoes!)

You’re not alone. Many people find sock shopping, or shoe shopping for that matter, to be really daunting. But for a huge number of companies out there, it’s their bread and butter. Here are 10 awesome sock subscription boxes that can help you on those days when you just can’t decide on socks (or shoes!)

8) When you want to be comfortable but look good too!

Looking for socks is a pain. Well, at least it is for me. It’s really hard to find high-quality socks that are in style and not overly expensive. With online shopping, I usually have to shop from several different sites to find what I want and then if they don’t have my size, I get frustrated with having to order multiple pairs in different sizes. With Stance’s sock subscription service you can have awesome socks delivered right to your door every month! They have a great variety of styles and colors so whether you’re into nautical themed socks or colorful patterns you will be happy with their selection! Plus they offer men, women, and kid sized socks so everyone in your family can join in on some great sock fun.

9) For your favorite old pair of jeans

Gift your best jeans to a local thrift store or charity, and get yourself a new pair from an online subscription service. A great gift for your dad, sibling, or spouse is buying him a month of socks from one of these sock-of-the-month services. Most offer men’s socks with interesting patterns and designs (you can usually choose which size). For around $25 per month, you’ll receive two pairs of socks that are sure to brighten up his sock drawer. Even better: Check out some of our other favorite gifts for men! #momentummonday 15 Best Gifts for Men in 2018

10) Sweater season

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