10+ Awesome Sock Subscription Ideas

One of the most underrated clothing items in a person’s wardrobe are socks. While you probably don’t think too much about them, they are incredibly important to keeping your feet dry and comfortable. This means that it’s important to wear high-quality socks that are always fresh and clean! Luckily, there are several sock subscription services that can help keep your feet warm and stylish!

Cool sock subscriptions - what are they?
More and more cool sock subscription companies are popping up all over North America. These companies aim to deliver a fun experience while also providing a monthly shipment of socks to your doorstep. Whether you're looking for mens socks, womens socks, or kid's socks, there is something out there for everyone! But which ones should you sign up for? Be sure to read on as we review some of our favorites across multiple categories. What Is a Cool Sock Subscription? A cool sock subscription is exactly what it sounds like; regular shipments of socks (usually with an added bonus). Some companies will include matching pairs, while others allow you to specify whatever style and color(s) appeal most to you. Many subscriptions will offer free exchanges if they don't suit your tastes - but they are typically limited, so be sure to check before subscribing.

Best sock subscription clubs (6)
You get some cool socks. (You also get two extra pairs in case one gets dirty.) And when you need to do laundry, you don’t have to throw away those dirty socks—you just send them back and swap them out for new ones. It’s like a sock of the month club, except all year long! Read more > For socks to go with your work suits: Quality counts here, so keep looking until you find what fits your taste. Many men prefer dark socks with their dark suits—that way they’re less likely to show signs of wear if they take off their shoes during a business lunch or meeting. If you really want a splash of color in your suit-and-tie outfits, opt for colorful suspenders instead; that little bit of color adds just enough flair without competing with your suit jacket and tie. The best part about quality socks is that they can last up to three years. There are no cheap socks in here, but there are plenty of high-quality options at every price point. Check out our list below for a few ideas.Read more > For socks to go with your workout clothes: A good pair of socks means everything when you’re trying to run an effective workout, so make sure you pick up something durable and breathable before hitting the gym.

Most stylish sock subscription services (4)
I’ve seen many subscriptions for nail polish, jewelry, and other types of accessories. I was super excited to find out about sock subscription services! It made perfect sense for me—as someone who wears socks every day, why not get a new pair delivered straight to my doorstep? Each month, these businesses send out a curated selection of socks for men, women, and kids in just about every style you can imagine. As long as your feet are covered, it doesn’t matter what you wear with them—they go with everything from heels to sandals. You can even get multi-colored ones for rainbow-themed outfits. Many companies have added frequent discounts on future months or coupons as an incentive for signing up now; others offer free shipping or exchanges if you don’t like any one particular pair. Although they vary slightly, most sock subscription services provide their members with anywhere from 2–6 pairs per delivery (some offer less). Most also allow returns so that you can exchange old pairs for different sizes/styles. If you want some pretty awesome socks delivered right to your door each month, then a sock subscription service is probably right up your alley. Get ready to show off some cool socks! Here are 10+ sock subscription services: 5SOS: Every month, you’ll receive four unique pairs of tee socks themed around something nostalgic from your childhood! This includes top bands, pop culture figures, movies and music videos, brands and logos...you name it. And yes—each pair comes with real cassette tape packaging for authentic 1980s throwback vibes.

What kind of socks does each company offer?
Darn Tough socks look to be particularly appealing because they’re made in Vermont and are guaranteed for life. Honestly, what could be better than socks that will last a lifetime? In addition to Darn Tough, there are a bunch of other companies that offer high-quality (and therefore pricey) specialty socks. Lesser known brands include Smartwool, Icebreaker, Thorlo, and Wigwam. Uniqlo also has great merino wool options if you're looking for something more affordable. How do I sign up?: Many of these subscriptions are free or have free trial periods. No matter which one you choose, just remember: try them on at home before deciding—you don't want to end up with a bunch of socks you can't wear! And when evaluating which sock subscription is right for you, consider how much time and money you want to spend on keeping up with your sock game; each service offers different features. Does it really save me any money?: It all depends on how often you lose socks. Some people simply can't keep track of their socks and find themselves replacing pairs every few months. If you fall into that category, signing up for a sock club definitely saves you some dough—it's like getting new socks as birthday presents every year! For everyone else, it's not as clear cut; after all, socks aren't cheap. On average, you'll pay $10 per pair of socks (more or less depending on quality), so starting out with a 3-pair plan ($30 total cost) might not seem like such a good deal. Assuming you'd buy 3 pairs of socks over an entire year anyway, sock subscriptions come out to an extra $6 per month—which might be worth it if no one sees you naked. So are subscription services worth it?: Well, yes and no. Yes because receiving socks in the mail does feel awesome.

Best sock subscription boxes for women (7)
If you’re looking for sock subscription boxes, there are a few different options out there to consider. The most popular of these include Sock It Forward and Sock Panda, which will send you one pair of socks each month for as long as you choose to subscribe. The cool thing about both of these companies is that they donate a pair of socks for every one purchased through their sites, which helps people in need across North America. They also carry exclusive socks from local designers from time to time. On top of all that, both websites offer a great customer experience, so you don’t have to worry about receiving damaged or defective products or being taken advantage of in any way. And if we could throw it in here just once more: They give away socks! Need we say more? Here are our two favorite sock subscription companies, with one representing women (Sock It Forward) and another that serves both genders (Sock Panda). You can read our full reviews on both of them by following those links. Sock It Forward (women’s socks) Sock Panda (unisex socks) If you’re interested in trying something new—say, feminine socks—then Laundry Day might be worth checking out. The company specializes in women’s socks, like classic black ankle booties or knee-high patterned tights. If nothing else, they make it easy to switch up your sock style without having to do much work at all—which is a worthwhile goal in itself.

Best monthly sock subscriptions for men (3)
If you’re looking for socks, there are a few different ways to go about it. First, there are sock of the month clubs where you receive a brand new pair of socks delivered each month. While these types of subscriptions can be more expensive than shopping around, they’re also fun to open up and will help keep your wardrobe interesting. Once a month, expect at least two socks in each package. Second, there are websites that sell socks as well; if you know what type of sock you want (e.g., no-show), but aren’t quite sure what style or brand works best with your preferences, consider buying from one of these sites and then returning them after wearing if necessary. Some brands offer free shipping on returns! Finally, you can find socks pretty much anywhere—online, in stores (just search online first), and at specialty sock stores like Outlier. When deciding which subscription is right for you, make sure to take into account how many pairs of socks you need—the average person goes through 3-6 pairs per year—and whether washing is included with your plan: A handful of subscriptions include a $5 allowance toward dry cleaning services every so often. Also, you might have certain sock needs based on age or gender. For example, boys and men who like to wear shoes without socks may enjoy extra-slim ankle socks for use when wearing sandals; women who wear pantyhose may prefer seamless pantyhose with reinforced toes and heels that won’t snag easily over time.

Latest interesting sock subscription gifts (2)
The sock of a month club is literally one of my favorite gifts, in part because I have no idea what to get my dad for Christmas. Not only does it give him something he actually wants, but I find that once I start getting socks for myself every other month, I am more inclined to dress up and take care of my shoes (and by extension myself) when going out. It’s also a great alternative if you are terrible at picking out gifts. You can go on their website and pick which kind of socks they want each month, or sign them up for recurring pairs of their favorite pairs to be sent monthly. You can even specify things like wool or cotton preferences! Whether your dad wears slippers around the house or high-end leather oxfords on work days, chances are there is an option out there perfect for his needs; all you need to do is search online! Whether you opt for sock of a month or another similar option, make sure you schedule time with your dad to discuss it—for example: maybe during breakfast on his birthday weekend? That way he knows how thoughtful you were when choosing something special just for him. I also love that sock subscriptions aren’t just limited to fathers—there are tons of options available from sites such as Trunk Club aimed at men and women alike who may struggle with gift ideas themselves. If you know someone who loves socks or gets excited about clothes, handpicked socks might be just the thing to help keep morale up while these bitter winter months last. And don’t worry—you don’t necessarily have to spend $25 dollars per pair to impress friends and family members either!