10 Awesome Matching Sock and Tie Combinations

10 Awesome Matching Sock and Tie Combinations

Socks are one of the most important parts of your outfit, but sometimes finding just the right ones can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any favorite brands or don’t know where to find cool socks online. Luckily, we’ve made it easy with this guide on 10 awesome matching sock and tie combinations, so you’ll never have to worry about whether your socks match again! You can check out the combos below or read our whole article on matching socks with ties here.

1) Dress like James Bond
James Bond isn’t afraid to match his socks with his suit, but it doesn’t have to be that bold. The trick is finding a tie or pocket square that has similar colors as your socks. Do some research beforehand so you don’t end up choosing two pieces with clashing colors, then keep it subtle with a solid-colored (or lightly patterned) tie or pocket square. Of course, if you want to get wild and crazy...more power to ya! Just make sure your socks are in good taste. In other words, no Harry Potter socks for any occasion. Try pairing earth tones like green and tan together for an understated look that’s easy to pull off at work or on a date night out on the town. If you really want to impress someone, pick a pair of multi-colored socks and pair them with a solid colored tie—it works every time. Or play around with patterns by wearing stripes or polka dots; just ensure they line up vertically before pulling it all together at the waistline.

2) Socks should match the color of the suit
If you wear a lighter colored suit, your socks should match that color. A darker colored suit calls for a darker colored sock. Similarly, if you’re wearing light-colored pants and a dress shirt with pinstripes, consider pairing those stripes with solid socks (in black or another dark color). Of course, it’s also possible to go for more of an army look with mismatched colors; just pair your socks to complement each other instead of matching your suit or pants. This is great way to have fun with your wardrobe while still keeping things professional. You can play around with what kind of socks you want by signing up for Hemsie. They will send cool socks every month!
How do I pair my tie correctly? To correctly tie a tie, place it in front of you face down on a table top so that one end hangs over your thumb side. Now fold the long, straight part of the tie under itself until it forms a loop (much like an upside-down letter U). Then bring up both ends until they meet at that same neck point where they first started. Next wrap both ends around once towards yourself then bring them back together into that neck point between your thumb and forefinger. Finally, slide out those loops with your fingers to tighten up the knot against your collar and voila! The simple trick is to keep all 4 parts of your tie even: The two shorter tail lengths at each side must be equal in length; if there’s extra fabric on one, make sure there’s not too much fabric on another—then adjust as needed before tightening up the final knot. Need help getting everything even? Use our handy infographic below:
Adding some cool socks to spice things up: Sometimes plain brown or black dress socks are just not enough.

3) Dots give you some flavor
For a more classic look, try pairing your socks with a contrasting tie. As long as there is some visual balance between them (such as in terms of color or design), they should work well together. In some cases, you may want to pair a patterned tie with similarly patterned socks. If you have an interesting colored sock that’s fun but not super outlandish, you can probably get away with matching it with just about anything—even if it’s solid in color. It all depends on how unique your sock is; if you happen to have socks that are patterned with dice or marbles, for example, it’s probably best to keep them separate from your outfit unless you want to play up how cool they are. You can match these socks either way; keep them in line vertically by wearing pants of a similar cut and style, or make sure they aren’t too short when wearing shorts. This will help add emphasis while still preserving casualness. And don’t forget: socks today are available as sock subscriptions, so if you like having different pairs sent to you at regular intervals, why not sign up? Not only will it save you from ever being without fresh socks again, but it might also inspire some new sock-and-tie combinations. And isn’t that what fashion is all about? Maybe try something a little edgier with socks designed to make a statement, such as a wild pattern or political slogan. Experimenting with such bold pieces allows for more wiggle room in tying patterns that clash with each other. Also, depending on how daring you are feeling and how subtle your other accessories are, polka dots can be worn either way!

4) Stripes make for an interesting look
If you’re looking for a fun, unique socks-and-tie combination, you can’t go wrong with striped socks. Stripes are a classic pattern that is easy to match with most of your wardrobe. From thin pinstripes to bold block stripes to graphic tie-dye, there’s a wide range of options. Try using two different colored stripes or match up contrasting designs. Make sure not to let them dangle though! The sock will be visible above your shoes if it doesn’t tuck into them; choose knee-high socks if possible. This will prevent unsightly bulges in both your socks and ties! With some experimentation and good taste, you can find something great to wear every day. After all, socks are just one small element of an overall look: Use other elements—like shirt color or suit color—to add contrast between colors in your outfit. In fact, making accessories like colorful pocket squares part of your ensemble is an even better way to ensure your outfits always stand out from each other as much as they should. Above all else, have fun with these combinations. After all, these little details matter when trying to create an unforgettable look. Some people may roll their eyes at such trivial matters (but never outwardly!), but we love finding new ways to bring creativity and style together in our clothing choices. If you truly want to express yourself through your style choices, then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of every opportunity you get!

5) Cords are always in style
Corduroy pants look great with a solid tie, especially if you’re in to some of those Ivy League-inspired looks. Corduroy is a naturally textured fabric (it’s woven, not knit) that will add depth to your outfit without being too flashy. If you’re going for an even more classic look, wear socks with your shoes instead of tucking them in to your pants. You can also keep it casual by wearing suede loafers with socks—an outfit that wouldn’t fly on Wall Street but will certainly get you noticed when you’re out on the town! To give your ensemble a cool kid vibe, opt for fun sock colors and prints; bold designs like paisley or argyle are perfect! For an easy way to stay up-to-date on new trends, subscribe to a sock of the month club; many brands send their customers monthly pairs picked out just for them! The best part? Some subscriptions include original merchandise that isn’t sold anywhere else! No matter what your style, there’s something out there for everyone. Don’t be afraid to be bold, guys! Rock socks until they go mainstream!

6) Solids can't be beat
While socks made from solid-colored fabric are not as flashy as socks that feature an array of colors or unique designs, they do have one significant advantage over their patterned counterparts. Because solid-colored socks come in only one color, there is no concern about clashing patterns when wearing them with a tie. This makes them perfect for professionals who want to ensure that their fashion choices are appropriate for work environments. The more creative your style, though, the more likely you'll need help ensuring that all of your clothes match. Some subscription services can help you out by providing you with some new sock options each month. If you enjoy collecting socks (and are looking for inspiration), be sure to check out our list of 10 awesome matching sock and tie combinations—they're sure to jumpstart your imagination!
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7) Go crazy with polka dots!
Sometimes, wearing socks with a tie might feel a little bit boring. If you're in that boat, you should try out some unique sock combinations; maybe even pair your socks with your shirt! The key is to think of your socks as an extension of your tie; match them based on color if you want, or go all out with crazy patterns. For example, if you have a cool tie made up of polka dots (yes, they exist), don't forget to wear cool polka dot socks with it! Also, if you are into sock subscriptions (how awesome are those?), keep looking around for ones that come with unique socks like these; they can really take your wardrobe to new heights. And speaking of socks subscription services: did you know there's such thing as sock of the month? It's true - now you can get custom socks sent straight to your door every month! Get started with our list below. SockStart lets you easily manage multiple pairs of socks from anywhere using your smartphone. Start with four pairs for $25 / month and scale to more! Use code yehes at checkout to save 20% off any subscription plan. They'll also donate one pair of socks to someone in need through their partner One Warm Coat.

8) Same material makes for a great combination
We all know that socks and ties can work well together, but a good combination is more than just putting them on. To pull off a great look, you need to ensure that your tie has a similar texture to your socks, such as satin for silk or wool for cotton. Do your best to match up colors if possible too—blues with blues, reds with reds, etc.—and make sure not to go overboard. One of these combinations in your outfit will be enough! If you’re still not sure about how to put it all together, visit our recommended list of Sock Subscriptions. With their help, matching socks with ties isn’t hard at all! Although there are a variety of companies out there providing sock subscription services, one company who we particularly like is Darn Nice Socks. They have an excellent selection of beautiful and vibrant designs for men that complement a nice suit perfectly. Whether you purchase a tie with your socks or find something on your own, they can definitely aid in helping you pull off some slick combinations! And if anyone tells you they wouldn’t wear cool socks with a tie? That’s because they don’t know better. Remember: wearing what makes you feel comfortable is always going to be key when trying to find confidence within yourself. Nobody knows your style quite like yourself after all!

9) Different texture can create an elegant look
For example, you could have a flannel plaid tie paired with a more casual pair of solid colored socks. This way, your outfit won’t look too stiff or formal. If you’re going for something slightly more laid back but still want to keep some ties in your wardrobe, consider pairing textured socks with woven ties for an added touch of style that works well for work or play. Wovens are great for those who aren’t quite ready to break out those bright colors! Worried about needing less formal socks? These types of socks can also work with plain black dress shoes; what sets them apart is their texture and feel rather than their appearance (so you don’t necessarily need to worry about whether they match everything). While matching certain textures can be a great way to ensure everything matches, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing two different types of socks together either. It may take some getting used to but once you realize it isn’t as weird as it seems, you might find yourself grabbing at any chance to mix things up a bit. One important note: unless specifically stated, stockings and tights will not fit into most sock drawers. Don’t try it! While they do both fall under hosiery, stocking feet tend to run much longer and thinner than tights do. They also require elastic garters around your thigh so that you can pull them up properly. Generally speaking, socks—dress socks especially—are designed to drape over the tops of your feet and down toward your ankles while covering nearly all of your toes by folding over themselves several times before ending in a soft cuff around your heel.

10) Out-of-the-box patterns are cool, too.
Sometimes, all you need is a basic white, black or gray sock to finish off your outfit. In these instances, you can use a pair of colored socks as an accent rather than your main attraction. Here are some great ways to do it (1) try sock designs that coordinate with bold patterns on ties; (2) wear patterned socks that match each other instead of coordinating with your tie; or (3) add some texture with checkerboard, stripe or argyle socks in burgundy, navy and light green colors. Your feet will be warm—and cute! Be color-coordinated: While choosing coordinated hues for socks and suits isn’t necessary, most outfits look better when there’s a cohesive theme throughout. This means that matching socks and ties not only look good together but also enhance each individual piece’s design. If you don’t have time to shop for socks, keep a well-curated collection at work so that if business attire is required unexpectedly, you already have options. Special events may require purchasing new socks out of pocket; make sure your purchase lasts longer than one event by buying high-quality materials like merino wool or silk blends.