10 Amazing Sock Subscription Boxes You Need to Try

10 Amazing sock subscription Boxes You Need to Try

If you love socks, but are tired of the boring colors and patterns available from your neighborhood stores, then you’re in luck! Nowadays, there are tons of sock subscription services on the market—each offering different styles and prints to suit any preference and style sense. With that in mind, if you love socks and want to try some new ones out for yourself, here are ten of the best sock subscription boxes available on the market today.

1) Happy Feet Club

Happy Feet Club is the perfect subscription box for anyone with a passion for socks and needs them in bulk. They offer three different monthly subscriptions: The Happy Feet Club, which includes six pairs of socks, The Happiness Plan, which includes twelve pairs of socks per month, and the Value Plan, which includes one pair of socks per month. With these three different options, you'll always have a new pair of socks waiting at your door step when you need them!

2) Stance Socks

It's no secret that a comfortable sock is not only a must-have fashion staple, but also one of the most important parts of your day. We believe in the power of socks and have created Stance Philosockphy - a subscription service that delivers high quality, custom fit socks right to your door!

Here's how it works: Every month you'll receive six pairs of cozy, premium socks in your choice of style and size. To take care of your feet, we'll also include a complimentary pair from our collection every other month.

3) Bombas

Philosophy + socks = Philosockphy. Bombas is a company that sells high-quality, stylish socks through a monthly subscription. Unlike other sock subscriptions that may not offer the perfect fit, Bombas offers three different sizes and will send you the appropriate size each month. Their socks are made of a blend of cotton and wool, which allow them to stretch without getting holes or wearing out quickly. Plus, they have No show construction so your feet stay warm in any season.

4) Sox Box

SoxBox is a monthly sock subscription service that will not only provide you with an awesome pair of socks, but also give you exclusive information about the artisans who created them. All of their sock subscription boxes have a different theme and each box contains two pairs of socks that are both seasonal and are stylish for men, women, and kids.

-Socks from Philosockphy come in a variety of styles like knee high socks, ankle socks, sports socks, crew length socks, warm winter woolies...etc. -They offer free worldwide shipping

-Each monthly box comes with 2 pairs (1pairs per person) so even if you don't need two pairs right now the other person can enjoy them!

5) SoFresh

SoFresh was founded by two friends who realized that they were spending way too much on socks and decided to create a subscription service with the perfect mix of style, quality, and price. The company offers three different subscription packages: Classic, Funky Friday, or Fancy Laundry Day. Each package offers a different experience from the type of socks you will receive, how often you can expect them in your mailbox, and what day of the week you’ll be receiving your shipment.

6) LeakeyBox

LeakeyBox is a monthly sock subscription service that pairs up different socks each month based on your sock preferences. There are three different levels of subscriptions - Basic, VIP, and Premium. All of the socks are made in Turkey and come with a matching pair of LeakeyBox underwear as well. The Basic level includes 3 pairs of high quality wool blend socks for $25/month. The VIP level includes 3 pairs of high-quality cotton blended socks with a personal note from the Leakey team for $35/month. The Premium level includes 6 pairs of high-quality cotton blended socks, 2 limited edition designs, and 1 pair of Leakey underwear for $55/month.

7) The Science of Sleep

The benefits of a good night's sleep are never-ending. Sleep helps your brain stay alert, it boosts your immune system, and it can even help you maintain a healthy weight. But for some people, it's not always easy to get the recommended 7-8 hours of shut-eye every night. That's where The Science of Sleep comes in! They offer monthly subscription boxes full of specially selected items that will help you sleep better. There are two different boxes: Sleep Well and Sweet Dreams.

1) The Sleep Well box features products that are designed with your needs in mind, like earplugs and lavender scented eye masks.

8) Dapper Danskin

Dapper Danskin is a monthly sock subscription service that sends you two pairs of socks at a time. They were established in 2011 and offer many different styles and types of socks including athletic, dress, no-show, running, tube, and wool. Each month they send you two of their featured style in different colors.

Dapper Danskin offers three levels of subscriptions: Basic ($9/month), Everyday ($14/month), and Deluxe ($21/month). The Basic subscription will give you one pair per month while the other two include two pairs each month. The Basic package comes with one pair of classic dress socks per month while the higher level packages come with premium brands such as Thorlo or Balega for each pair.

9) GQ Gear Club

GQ Gear Club is a monthly subscription service for socks. Every month, GQ Gear Club sends you three pairs of high-quality socks from different brands in your size. The best part? They offer free shipping both ways!

10) Stance Icon

The trend of subscription boxes has been around for a while and continues to grow with new companies popping up every day. There are a lot of different types of boxes, but one that's really grown in popularity is sock subscriptions. These subscriptions provide monthly packages of the latest styles and designs from your favorite brands. So if you're looking for the perfect gift or just need some new socks, these 10 amazing sock subscription boxes will have you sorted.

They may not be the most exciting thing in your mailbox each month, but they'll sure keep your feet happy. This is why we've compiled this list of 10 amazing sock subscription boxes to help you find the perfect match for your needs.